Your Ultimate After-Sun Skincare Guide

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Preparing your skin for fun in the sun is important, but after-sun skincare is equally essential. This summer, make sure to not only protect your skin from the sizzling heat, but repair it after a day of outdoor adventures. Follow these three steps to easily elevate your after-sun skincare routine.

1. Try a Cooling Hyaluronic Acid Elixir

Hyaluronic acid is a popular ingredient used in topical skincare products due to its well-researched hydrating properties. But did you know drinking hyaluronic acid can help to support your skin’s natural moisture supply?

For a boost of high molecular weight Hyaluronic acid plus collagen and live bacteria, add our Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen® to your favourite summertime drink, like iced tea or a smoothie.

2. Repair & Neutralise Your Skin

Incorporate these steps in your after-sun skincare routine to help repair and neutralise the impact of too much sun exposure.:

A Soothing Mask

A soothing mask helps your skin recover from sun exposure, which can leave skin dull, dry, and sometimes very sensitive.

We recommend trying one with cucumber and mint, as cucumber is rich in the skin-replenishing mineral silica, while mint is great for mild sunburns and sensitivities.

A Pollution-Neutralising Moisturiser

Pollutants not only damage skin cells, but they can make skin irritable too. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to escape skin’s exposure to pollutants.

Instead, use a moisturiser designed to neutralise the impact pollution has on skin.

A Nourishing Lip Treatment

It’s easy to forget about the delicate lip skin when breezing through your skincare regime. However, lips are one the most vulnerable parts of our body, especially when it comes to environmental damage.

You should already protect your lips while out in the sun, but afterwards, be sure to treat your lips to a nourishing lip mask or lip treatment.

Find one with a skin-penetrating oil like jojoba or argan, and make sure it’s free of petroleum, as this can trap heat.

3. Soothe with Aloe

We all know that when skin isn’t properly protected, prolonged sun exposure can be dangerous. Even if you’re lathering an SPF50 sunscreen every few hours, it’s still possible to feel the burn.

For surface burns and irritations, try a cooling aloe vera gel remedy. You can apply the sap directly from the plant for immediate relief from itchy, peeling sunburns.

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