Upgrade Your Winter Skincare Routine with These 5 Products

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The arrival of autumn/winter brings with it colder weather, pumpkin spice lattes (though we’re partial to this pumpkin pie protein shake), transitioning your wardrobe from sundresses to cosy knits and, of course, giving your beauty routine a complete overhaul. Because just as the leaves change, so should your skincare routine.

To help with making those regime tweaks as painless as possible, we turned to two skincare experts for advice, Dr Sonam Yadav, an aesthetic dermatologist, and Sarah Nicole Payne, a licensed aesthetician. It’s time for a routine makeover!

Your Autumn/Winter Skincare Routine Needs These 5 Products

Dry, dull skin can be a real problem in the autumn and winter months, so make sure you’re tailoring your skincare routine with this in mind.

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Here are the five products we recommend adding to your winter skincare routine:

1. Moisturiser

Lightweight moisturisers might be okay for the summer months, but Dr Yadav recommends using a soothing and repairing moisturiser for the autumn and winter to protect against the changing seasons.

Dr Yadav recommends looking for a moisturiser that includes one (or all!) of the following ingredients:

2. Facial Oil

Whether they’re made from rose hip, marula or coconut oil, facial oils are a luxurious product that deliver a luminous glow to skin – exactly what you need in winter. They also help to prevent dryness and dehydration, says Payne.

Whichever kind you use, one thing’s for sure: using facial oil is the perfect finishing touch when it comes to layering your skincare products like a pro.

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Payne says to basically applying your products lightest to heaviest, just as Dr Yadav has done in her routine below:

“For fall, I like to use a gentle cleanser and soothing green tea facial serum, followed by oilier vitamin C serum to fight pollution and ageing, then moisturiser and finally sunscreen.”

By layering products from lighter to heavier, she explains that you’re allowing the ingredients to penetrate well into the skin and lock in moisture.

3. Collagen Supplements

Healthy, revitalised winter skin starts with collagen. As the body’s natural collagen production starts to decline around the age of 25, we recommend adding our Beauty Collagen™ to your diet.

Not only do these products contain collagen, but they also boast skin-saving ingredients to help elevate your beauty routine. Add to tea, smoothies and more!

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4. Cleanser

When the weather changes, so should your cleanser. Payne explains that there’s a bit of trial-and-error to find your cleanser ‘sweet spot’.

“Maybe you’re using a gel cleanser in the summer to help beat congestion and excess oil, but for many this can become pretty drying in fall and into winter.”

“You may find moving to a milky or creamy cleanser is the perfect balance for your skin,” she says. “Or you might still need to use your gel cleanser to help keep your skin blemish-free but add a second cleanse with a nourishing facial cleanser to rebalance your skin.”

5. Sunscreen

Just because the bright, sunny days of summer have been replaced by clouds and falling leaves doesn’t mean that you should skip out on using sunscreen – you still need sunscreen in winter.

“SPF protection is still important despite the days being less sunny because the ultraviolet rays of the sun penetrate clouds, rain, hail and fog.” says Dr Yadav, who recommends using new broad-spectrum sunscreens from autumn onwards.

Dr Yadav suggests looking for “ones that offer protection against blue light that is emitted by all of our tech gadgets and infra-red rays (indoor heating), since all three kinds of radiation (UV, blue, IR) speed up skin ageing”.

Follow these autumn-winter beauty tips and you might just fall in love all over again with taking care of your skin.

Written by Sarah Kester

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