How to Use Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin

Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin

When you hear the word gelatin, you probably think of the vital ingredient in jelly, and no one would blame you for that! However, Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin is very different!

Our Beef Gelatin, a gelatin powder made from bovine hide, helps to maintain a youthful appearance. Here are two ways to work Beef Gelatin supplement into your daily routine:

Boost Your Morning & Evening Routines

If you want to start your day with coffee that would make your local barista jealous, add a scoop of Beef Gelatin to your favourite morning brew. Whether you take your coffee with cream, dairy-free milk or by itself, mixing in Beef Gelatin with a blender or frother makes for a wonderful foamy treat that will have you skipping the line at your local coffee shop.

frothy coffee with Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin

Likewise, after a long day when you’re looking to wind down, stir Beef Gelatin into a cup of tea or hot lemon water before bed. For the best possible results, make sure you bloom the Beef Gelatin first. This simply means stirring the Beef Gelatin in a cold or room-temperature liquid to plump up the granules and make them easier to dissolve.

Add Beef Gelatin to Your Favourite Recipes

Beef Gelatin is a culinary all-star that can be used in cooking or baking to boost your recipes.

Use it as a natural thickener in soups, sauces and broths to boost the flavour and health of whatever you’re making.

Addicted to gummy sweets but want a healthier alternative? Use Beef Gelatin to make your own! You can also use Beef Gelatin in place of eggs for any egg-free baking.

By using these tips to seamlessly incorporate Beef Gelatin into your daily routine, recipes and self-care, you’ll be on your way to supporting your wellness and living a vital life.

Written by Hannah Tate

Jennifer Aniston Joins Vital Proteins


Jennifer Aniston Joins Vital Proteins

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