Black Friday Collagen and Supplement Deals

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Black Friday is just around the corner, so if you’re a health-conscious consumer seeking the finest deals on collagen supplements, you’re in for a treat. 

Kicking off on Friday 24th of November 2023 and lasting for the whole of Cyber Weekend, our deals will allow you to save on your favourite collagen supplements, including our collagen peptides, creamers and marine collagen. 

Keep reading to discover the exceptional discounts you can expect to find on our products this year.  

What is Black Friday? 

Occurring on the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday was originally used in the United States as a way to mark the start of the Christmas shopping period. However, it has evolved over the years and is now more commonly known as a day where people can find incredible savings on everything from fashion and electronics to vitamins, making it the ultimate treasure hunt for savvy shoppers. 

Save on Beauty Collagen 

Our beauty collagen has been formulated to be a radiant addition to your daily routine. It’s designed to support your collagen levels alongside providing additional support for your skin and hair health, thanks to the added biotin and hyaluronic acid. 

Available in a delicious fruity and refreshing flavour, Strawberry Lemonade, this collagen powder is super easy to slot into your everyday routine. Grab two scoops and stir it into a hot or cold beverage or try baking with it.  

We love finding new and exciting ways to incorporate Beauty Collagen into our routines to make sure we’re reaping the benefits. From smoothies and shakes – or even in a cheesecake – we’re always trying out new collagen recipes. 

Elevate Your Coffee Game 

Our Collagen Creamer is made for coffee aficionados. What sets them apart is not just their sumptuous taste but their nutritious composition. These creamers are completely devoid of dairy, gluten and added sugars. 

But that’s not all. Within each velvety sip, we’ve infused a generous dose of collagen, as well as the inclusion of MCTs (medium chain triglycerides), which may support your collagen levels and provide you with additional energy. So, savour your coffee moment while relishing the nourishment that fuels your day. 

Enhance Your Collagen Regimen With Capsule Savings 

Collagen capsules are dietary supplements that are designed to provide a convenient way to increase your collagen intake. Unlike other collagen supplement forms, capsules are a super easy way to boost your collagen intake while on the go – you can just take your capsule with water and you’ll be all set.  

However, the convenience and efficiency of them doesn’t diminish their effectiveness. Just like all collagen supplements, the capsules work to maintain collagen levels as we age, which is responsible for maintaining skin elasticity, joint flexibility, and overall structural support in the body.  

If this makes you curious about collagen capsules, why not start your journey by getting them for less in our Black Friday deals.  

More Black Friday Supplement Exclusives

This Black Friday, you’ll also be able to save on our two best sellers, Collagen Peptide Powder and Marine Collagen. Designed to provide your collagen levels with additional support, our collagen peptide powder contains 20g of bovine collagen per serving and our marine collagen delivers you with 12g of collagen per serving.  

When comparing collagen peptides to marine collagen, the competition is evenly matched. Both sources are readily digested, efficiently absorbed by the body, and contain the same collagen type. The only difference is the source, which might be an important distinction for those with dietary needs and requirements. Pick your favourite and save big. 

Whether you already love a product or are on the hunt for a new addition to your supplement regimen, we’ve gomarinet some exciting collagen deals across our entire range this Black Friday. 


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