A Crash Course on the Vital Difference

A man pouring a scoop of Vital Proteins Marine Collagen into his morning coffee.

You may be asking yourself, ‘With so many collagen products out there, why should I choose Vital Proteins®?’. It all comes down to our differentiator, aka The Vital Difference, which is made up of three key pillars – Transparency, Quality and Clean Labels – which are at the centre of everything we do. Let’s dive into each one, shall we?


We mean it when we say we’re committed to transparency. We believe you deserve to know and understand where and how our products are made.

For us, transparency is synonymous with trust. It’s what fuels our commitment to ensuring you have all the information needed to confidently jumpstart your collagen journey with Vital Proteins.

We source our collagen from bovine hide. By using this as the source of our collagen, we’re able to help reduce waste and improve sustainability.


Since launching in 2013, we’ve provided our Vital Fam with premium collagen products made with high-quality ingredients. That could mean bovine collagen for our Collagen Peptides or non-GMO white fish for our Marine Collagen.

Vital Proteins' collagen powder

Clean Labels

In addition to Transparency and Quality, we pride ourselves on having Clean Labels. Our intention is simple: create products that boast easy-to-pronounce ingredients you’ll feel good about consuming – whether that’s our OG Collagen Peptides or Marine Collagen (one simple ingredient, as mentioned above).

Not only that, but all of the products in our line-up are also free from artificial colours and preservatives.

The next time you’re looking to stock up on collagen, keep this important note in mind: The Vital Difference is what sets Vital Proteins apart from the rest of the competition.

Ready to live a fuller, more vibrant life? Boost your daily routine with one or two (or three!) of our products by checking out our Best Sellers page.

Written by Olivia Pelaez

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