How to achieve Luscious locks with Beauty Collagen

collagen benefits for hair

While the right shampoo and hair treatment can help contribute to healthy hair, taking care of your hair from within is what can really help you achieve luscious-looking locks.

Not only can collagen benefit your skin, joints, and bones, but collagen can work wonders for your hair too. Discover how you can support your collagen levels and maintain healthy hair.

Why Do We Need Collagen?

Collagen production is at its prime when you’re younger, but once you hit your mid-twenties, your  collagen supply can slowly start to decline. As well as age, there are numerous environmental factors such as exposure to the sun and oxidative stress that can cause collagen decline, encouraging many people to introduce collagen supplements into their routine.

Beauty collagen supplements work to help provide your body with the amino acids it needs to make collagen so you can support your collagen levels, as well as other nutrients such as biotin and hyaluronic acid.


How Does Collagen Benefit My Hair?

You may already be familiar with the wide range of beauty benefits of having collagen present in the body, but we’re here to explore how having sufficient collagen levels can support your hair health. Discover the many benefits collagen provides your hair:

1. Helps Strengthen Your Hair

With age, your hair follicles can become brittle and your dermal layer can become dry. The amino acid in collagen can help provide your hair with the protein, which contributes to strengthening your hair.

Our beauty collagen features biotin, which is another mineral that can help build the protein keratin. Keratin is a popular protein in many haircare products. It works to strengthen both your dermal layer and hair follicles, to help maintain healthy-looking hair.

2. Helps Protect Against Free Radical Exposure

Antioxidants work as a great way to protect yourself against free radicals and the damage they can cause – including ageing your hair faster. Luckily, the amino acid that makes collagen are rich in antioxidants and can help protect your hair against damage from free radicals, helping to slow down the ageing of your hair strands.

3. Hydrates The Hair

Collagen is very nourishing – especially type I collagen as it’s responsible for rehydrating the body. It can help replenish and moisturise your skin, hair, and nails.

How to Get Luscious Locks with Collagen

Incorporating collagen into your routine to boost your hair health has never been easier. Our Beauty Collagen available in two delicious flavours – Tropical Hibiscus and Watermelon Mint – features a range of beneficial ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which can also help lock-in the moisture and keep your hair hydrated.

Simply add a scoop of collagen to a hot or cold drink and mix until fully dissolved. If you’re on the hunt for a new smoothie recipe, try one of our favourites that features a hint of collagen:

Strawberry & Lemon Collagen Smoothie Recipe


Strawberry & Lemon Collagen Smoothie Recipe

Learn how to make the perfect beauty collagen drink with our collagen smoothie recipe.

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